After the Burial
After the Burial

After the Burial is an American progressive metal band that formed in 2004 in Twin Cities, Minnesota. The band is known for their unique sound that blends various genres, including metalcore, djent, and progressive metal.

History and Formation:

After the Burial was founded by guitarists Trent Hafdahl and Justin Lowe. They were later joined by Nick Wellner on bass and Greg Erickson on drums. In 2006, the band released their debut album, “Forging a Future Self,” which helped to establish their sound and style.

Career and Success:

After the Burial has released a total of six studio albums, with their most recent being “Evergreen,” which was released in 2019. The band has gained a dedicated following over the years, thanks in part to their energetic live performances and the popularity of their music videos on platforms like YouTube. They have toured extensively in North America and Europe, sharing the stage with other popular metal acts such as Killswitch Engage and Suicide Silence.

In 2015, the band faced a tragedy when founding member Justin Lowe passed away. Despite this, they continued to create music and released their album “Dig Deep” in 2016 as a tribute to Lowe’s memory.

Style and Influences:

After the Burial’s music is characterized by their heavy use of 8-string guitars, intricate guitar solos, and unconventional song structures. Their sound has been compared to other bands in the progressive metal and djent genres, such as Periphery and Meshuggah.

The band has cited a variety of influences on their music, including jazz, classical music, and electronic music. They have also stated that they draw inspiration from video games and science fiction.


After the Burial is a band that has made a significant impact on the progressive metal scene. Their unique sound and style have gained them a dedicated following and have helped to establish them as one of the leading bands in the genre. Despite facing tragedy, the band continues to create music that pushes the boundaries of their genre and inspires their fans.

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