Bailey Sarian
Bailey Sarian

The Makeup Artist with a Knack for True Crime


Bailey Sarian is a makeup artist and beauty influencer who has taken the internet by storm with her unique blend of beauty content and true crime storytelling. With over 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube and a growing social media following, Sarian has become a popular figure in the beauty community and beyond.

From Freelance Makeup Artist to Internet Sensation

From humble beginnings as a freelance makeup artist in California, Sarian has built a career around her passion for makeup and true crime. Her YouTube series, “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup,” has become a sensation among fans of both genres. In each episode, Sarian applies makeup while discussing true crime stories in a captivating and engaging manner.

The Appeal of Bailey Sarian’s Videos

Sarian’s videos have gained widespread popularity not only for their unique concept but also for her relatable and down-to-earth personality. She often uses humor and sarcasm to lighten the mood while discussing gruesome crimes, making her content both informative and entertaining.

The Launch of “Lights Out”

In addition to her YouTube series, Sarian has also launched her own cosmetics brand, “Lights Out,” which features a range of makeup products named after famous serial killers and true crime cases. Her brand has gained a loyal following of fans who appreciate her creativity and unique approach to makeup.

Raising Awareness for Important Social Issues

Furthermore, Sarian has used her platform to raise awareness about important social issues, such as mental health and domestic violence. She has spoken openly about her own struggles with anxiety and depression, and has encouraged her followers to seek help if they are struggling with similar issues.


Bailey Sarian is a talented and creative makeup artist who has captivated audiences with her unique blend of beauty content and true crime storytelling. Her relatable personality, sense of humor, and passion for social issues have earned her a devoted fanbase and established her as a rising star in the beauty community.

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