The Ultimate Basketball Collective

Bucketsquad is a popular basketball collective founded by Jesse “Jesser” Riedel, a renowned YouTuber. With a passion for basketball, Jesse formed the group with other YouTubers who share his love for the sport. The collection has become a prominent force in the online basketball community, with a huge following of over 10 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Origins of Bucketsquad

Jesse initially gained fame through his NBA 2K gaming videos on YouTube. Later, he decided to shift his focus to creating content around real-life basketball, which led to the founding of Bucketsquad. The group now creates a diverse range of content on their channel, including challenges, vlogs, and game highlights, among others.

Collaborations and Live Events

Bucketsquad members have been involved in various collaborations with NBA players and teams, including the Los Angeles Clippers. They have also played in charity basketball games and hosted live events and meetups for their fans.

Exclusive Content and Merchandise

Fans of Bucketsquad can become members of the group’s Patreon community, which offers exclusive content and perks. The group has also ventured into merchandise, with clothing and accessories featuring their branding and logo.

Influence on the Online Basketball Community

Bucketsquad has become a significant influence in the online basketball community, bringing together a diverse group of YouTubers with a shared passion for the sport. They have amassed a massive following on their channel, with millions of subscribers and views on their videos.


In summary, Bucketsquad is a popular and influential basketball collective, bringing together a diverse group of YouTubers who share a passion for the sport. With their engaging content and collaborations, they have become a force to reckon with in the online basketball community, attracting a massive following and offering exclusive content and merchandise to their fans.

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