call her daddy
Call Her Daddy

Call Her Daddy is a podcast hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, which launched in 2018. The podcast quickly gained popularity, with its frank and explicit discussions of sex, dating, and relationships. As of 2023, the show has over 10 million monthly listeners.

Podcast format and content

Call Her Daddy is famous for its unfiltered and often controversial content. The podcast is formatted as a conversation between the two hosts. They share personal stories and experiences related to sex and dating. The hosts use vulgar language and frank descriptions to engage in explicit and graphic discussions.

The show’s content covers a wide range of topics related to sex and dating, from first dates and hookups to threesomes and BDSM. The hosts also provide advice and tips for listeners on various sexual and relationship issues. The podcast is often criticized for promoting a “hookup culture” and for its occasionally offensive content.

Controversy and split

In 2020, the show became embroiled in a high-profile controversy when co-host Sofia Franklyn and Cooper had a falling out over contract negotiations with Barstool Sports, the podcast’s production company. Franklyn eventually left the show, and Cooper continued as the sole host. The controversy generated widespread media coverage and criticism from fans, who were divided on the issue.

Following the split, Cooper continued to host the podcast, with a renewed focus on empowering women and promoting sexual wellness. The show’s content remains as explicit and provocative as ever, but Cooper has also sought to address some of the criticisms leveled against the show in the past.


The popular podcast Call Her Daddy is famous for frank and explicit discussions of sex and relationships. The show has generated controversy and criticism over the years, but remains a popular source of entertainment and advice for its millions of listeners. The podcast is not for everyone, but for those who are comfortable with its content, it can provide a refreshing and honest perspective on sex and dating.

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