Cavetown, also known as Robin Skinner, is a UK-based singer-songwriter, musician, and YouTube personality. He has been making music since he was 13 years old, and gained popularity through his YouTube channel, which features covers and original songs.

Early Life and Musical Career

Skinner was born in Oxford, England in 1998, and started playing music at a young age. He was homeschooled and spent a lot of time writing and recording music in his bedroom. He released his first EP, “Everything is Made of Clouds,” in 2013.

YouTube Success

Cavetown gained a following on YouTube through his covers of popular songs and his original music. He often collaborates with other YouTube musicians and has also performed live in various venues around the world. In 2015, he released his debut album, “Cavetown,” which features a mix of indie-pop and acoustic songs.

Music Style and Influences

Cavetown’s music is often described as “bedroom pop” due to its DIY production and intimate feel. His songs often touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, and self-discovery. He has cited artists such as Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, and the Beatles as some of his biggest musical influences.

Recent Projects

In 2020, Cavetown released his album “Sleepyhead,” which features a more polished production style and a more upbeat sound compared to his previous releases. The album includes the single “Sweet Tooth,” which has over 100 million streams on Spotify. He has also collaborated with other artists, such as mxmtoon and Tessa Violet.


Cavetown has established himself as a talented singer-songwriter with a unique style and a loyal following. His music resonates with fans of all ages and backgrounds, and he continues to gain new fans through his YouTube channel and live performances. With his recent success, it’s clear that Cavetown is a rising star in the indie-pop scene.

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