Ceres Fauna
Ceres Fauna

Ceres Fauna is a member of the Council and the Keeper of “Nature”, one of the two concepts created by the gods. As a druid in the mortal realm, she has Kirin blood flowing in her veins and her horns are made out of the branches of a certain tree. Fauna’s role as the embodiment of nature has long been attributed to having healing properties through her whispers, although whether or not this is true is up for debate.

Keeper of Nature

Fauna’s role as the Keeper of “Nature” is to protect all organic matter on the planet except mankind. This is a huge responsibility, but Fauna has shown herself to be more than capable of fulfilling it. Her innate talent to draw the attention of those around her despite her soft-spoken voice is a testament to her charm and ability to plant herself into the hearts of her saplings and fellow council members.

Druid in the Mortal Realm

In a bid to save nature, Fauna has materialized in the mortal realm as a druid. Her Kirin blood and horned appearance give her an otherworldly and mystical quality that many find fascinating. She has a comforting, motherly aura, although she has described herself as being more of an older sister. Her ASMR streams are a great combination of her comforting aura and soft-spoken voice, which often includes a variety of segments from ear cleaning to sometimes lengthy off-topic discussions.

Nature’s Fury

While Fauna is usually affable, warm, and slightly mischievous, any who anger her will bear the full brunt of Nature’s fury. This serves as a reminder that Fauna is not just a peaceful druid, but also a powerful embodiment of nature that demands respect. Her role as Keeper of “Nature” requires her to protect and defend it at all costs, even if it means unleashing its full fury on those who threaten it.


In conclusion, Ceres Fauna is a fascinating and powerful figure as the Keeper of “Nature” and as a druid in the mortal realm. Her soft-spoken voice, comforting aura, and mystical appearance make her a beloved figure among her saplings and fellow council members. One should not underestimate the demands of her role as the embodiment of nature and must show her respect.

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