The YouTuber and Music Producer Blending Video Games and EDM

CG5 is a popular American YouTuber and music producer known for his electronic dance music inspired by video games and pop culture. With over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, CG5 has established himself as a major player in the world of online music. Here’s a closer look at his career and style.

Early Career and Breakthrough

CG5, whose real name is Charlie Green, began his music career on YouTube in 2015, where he posted covers of popular video game songs. In addition, he gained traction with his energetic and upbeat style, which combined electronic dance music with the nostalgia of classic video games.

Since then, CG5 has released numerous original songs and covers inspired by video games such as “Minecraft” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” as well as TV shows like “Stranger Things.” He has also collaborated with other popular YouTubers, including The Living Tombstone and Dawko.

Unique Style and Sound

One of the things that sets CG5 apart from other EDM producers is his ability to seamlessly blend video game nostalgia with modern electronic dance music. His songs often feature catchy melodies and energetic beats that get listeners moving, while also incorporating familiar sounds and themes from popular video games.

Another unique aspect of CG5’s style is his use of vocals, which he often provides himself or features other artists. This adds a personal touch to his music and helps to create a memorable listening experience.

Continuing to Innovate

CG5 has continued to innovate and experiment with his music, keeping his style fresh and exciting for his fans. In 2022, he released an album titled “Hypernova” that featured original songs and collaborations with other artists. The album was praised for its diverse range of styles and sounds, as well as its high-energy EDM beats.


In conclusion, CG5 is a YouTuber and music producer who has made a name for himself by blending video game nostalgia with modern electronic dance music. With his unique style and ability to keep his music fresh and exciting, he is likely to continue to be a major force in the online music world for years to come.

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