Cigarettes After Sex
Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex is an indie band that has gained a strong following for their dreamy and atmospheric sound. Their music is often described as seductive and intimate, with lead vocalist and guitarist Greg Gonzalez’s breathy vocals adding to the sensual nature of their sound.

Musical Style and Influences

Cigarettes After Sex’s style is a fusion of shoegaze, ambient pop, and dream pop, and they draw inspiration from artists such as Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Their sound is characterized by slow and melodic guitar riffs, minimalistic percussion, and ethereal synths.


The band released their self-titled debut album in 2017, which included popular tracks such as “K.” and “Apocalypse.” The album was highly praised by critics and helped establish the band’s place in the indie music scene.

Since their debut album, Cigarettes After Sex has released several EPs and singles, including “Neon Moon” and “Crush.” Their latest album, “Cry,” was released in 2019 and includes tracks such as “Heavenly” and “Falling In Love.”

Live Performances and Tours

In addition, Cigarettes After Sex has toured extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, and has performed at numerous music festivals, including Coachella and Primavera Sound. They are known for their captivating live performances, which often feature atmospheric lighting and video projections that complement the dreamy nature of their music.

Impact on the Music Industry

Cigarettes After Sex has been highly influential in the indie music scene, with many artists citing them as an inspiration. Their music has been featured in various films and television shows, including the Netflix series “Sex Education.”


To sum up, Cigarettes After Sex is a highly regarded band known for their unique sound and evocative lyrics. Their popularity continues to grow, and they are sure to remain an influential force in the world of music for years to come.

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