Dabin is a Canadian music producer, singer, and guitarist who has made a name for himself in the electronic music scene. In this article, we’ll explore his background, music style, and collaborations.

Background and Early Career

Dabin, whose real name is Dabin Lee, was born in Toronto, Canada in 1992. He grew up playing guitar and piano and was heavily influenced by rock and metal music. He began producing electronic music in his early 20s, and his unique sound quickly caught the attention of the music industry.

Music Style

Dabin’s music style is characterized by his signature guitar riffs and melodic dubstep beats. He seamlessly blends different genres, such as future bass and indie dance, to create his distinctive sound. His music is emotional and introspective, often featuring heartfelt lyrics that he sings himself.

Collaborations and Discography

Dabin has collaborated with many well-known artists in the electronic music scene, including Illenium, Seven Lions, and Said The Sky. In 2019, he released his album “Wild Youth,” which featured collaborations with artists such as RUNN and Dia Frampton. The album received critical acclaim and propelled him into the spotlight.

In 2021, Dabin released his EP “Hope It Hurts,” which featured collaborations with artists such as Essenger and Luma. The EP showcased Dabin’s growth as an artist and his ability to create powerful and emotive music.


Dabin is a talented music producer and guitarist who has made a significant impact on the electronic music scene. With his unique sound and emotive lyrics, he has amassed a dedicated fanbase and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry. As he continues to evolve and experiment with his music, we can expect to hear more great things from Dabin in the future.

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