Death Grips
Death Grips

Death Grips is an experimental hip hop group that was formed in Sacramento, California in 2010. The band is known for their aggressive and abrasive style, combining elements of punk, industrial, and electronic music. Their lyrics often tackle themes of violence, nihilism, and social commentary.

Formation and Early Years

Death Grips was formed in 2010 by Zach Hill, a drummer known for his work with Hella, and MC Ride, a rapper who had previously released solo material. They were later joined by producer Andy Morin. The band’s first mixtape, “Exmilitary,” was released in 2011 and gained critical acclaim for its innovative sound and unique style.

Rise to Fame

Death Grips gained a cult following with their early releases and became known for their intense live shows. They signed with Epic Records in 2012, but their relationship with the label was fraught with conflict. They famously leaked their own album, “NO LOVE DEEP WEB,” online in 2012 after Epic Records refused to release it.

Despite the controversy, Death Grips continued to gain popularity and critical acclaim. They released several albums and EPs, including “The Money Store,” “Government Plates,” and “Year of the Snitch.” They collaborated with artists such as Björk, Danny Brown, and Zach Hill’s band Hella.

Breakup and Reunion

In 2014, Death Grips announced their breakup after canceling a series of tour dates. However, they returned in 2015 with the surprise release of “The Powers That B,” a double album that had been in the works before their breakup. They have since released several more albums and continued to tour.

Musical Style and Legacy

Death Grips’ music is characterized by its harsh, noisy sound and unconventional song structures. They often incorporate samples from a wide variety of sources, from obscure movies to mainstream pop hits. Their music has been influential on a variety of genres, including industrial, noise, and alternative hip hop.


Overall, Death Grips is a unique and innovative band that has gained a devoted following through their unconventional style and uncompromising approach to music. Despite their tumultuous relationship with the music industry, they have continued to release critically acclaimed albums and cement their legacy as one of the most groundbreaking acts of the 21st century.

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