Department of Extranormal Operations
Department of Extranormal Operations

Protecting the World from Metahuman Threats

The Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO) is a fictional government agency in the DC Comics universe that deals with extraterrestrial and metahuman threats. It was first introduced in the comic book series “Manhunter” in 2005 and has since appeared in various other DC Comics titles, as well as in television shows such as “Supergirl” and “Young Justice.”

What is the DEO?

The DEO is a top-secret organization that operates under the jurisdiction of the United States government. Its primary mission is to investigate and contain threats posed by metahumans, aliens, and other supernatural entities. A highly trained team of agents equipped with advanced technology and weaponry combat these threats at the DEO.

History and Operations

After the “Invasion!” storyline in the DC Comics universe, someone founded the DEO. The organization was created to fill the void left by the disbandment of the Justice League, and to provide a centralized agency for the handling of extranormal threats.

The DEO operates on a need-to-know basis and is highly secretive. People believe that the organization has multiple bases of operation across the United States, as well as a presence in other countries around the world.

Notable Members

The DEO has been featured in various DC Comics titles and television shows over the years, and has had a number of notable members. These include Agent Cameron Chase, who was the protagonist of the “Manhunter” comic book series, and Hank Henshaw, also known as the Cyborg Superman.


In conclusion, the Department of Extranormal Operations is a key organization in the DC Comics universe that plays an important role in protecting the world from metahuman and extraterrestrial threats. With its advanced technology and highly trained agents, the DEO is a formidable force that is always ready to face any challenge. Whether in the pages of a comic book or on the screen in a television show, the DEO is a vital part of the DC Comics universe.

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