Descendents: The Pioneers of Pop Punk

The band is an American punk rock band that was formed in Manhattan Beach, California in 1977. The band’s lineup consists of vocalist Milo Aukerman, guitarist Stephen Egerton, bassist Karl Alvarez, and drummer Bill Stevenson.

History and Influence

Descendents are the one of the pioneers of pop punk, along with bands like Ramones and Buzzcocks. They released their debut album, “Milo Goes to College,” in 1982.This has become a classic in the punk rock genre. They characterize their music with fast tempos, catchy melodies, and witty lyrics.

In addition, the band went through a few hiatuses in the 80s and 90s, but they continued to influence other punk rock bands with their unique sound. Green Day, The Offspring, and Blink-182 are just a few of the bands that have cited Descendents as a major influence on their music.

Recent Work

More over, in 2021, Descendents released their latest album, “9th & Walnut,” which features songs that were written by the band’s original lineup in the late 70s and early 80s. The album showcases the band’s early sound and is a nod to their punk rock roots.

The Descendents are famous for writing humorous and quirky lyrics that often touch on topics such as relationships, food, and coffee. Additionally, they continue to tour and perform. Their high-energy shows are a testament to their enduring legacy in the punk rock scene.


Consequently, Descendents are a seminal punk rock band that have made a significant impact on the genre. With their fast-paced, catchy music and witty lyrics, they have influenced generations of punk rockers. Their latest album, “9th & Walnut,” is a testament to their enduring legacy and dedication to their punk rock roots.

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