DIVE Studios
DIVE Studios

Your Gateway to Korean Entertainment and Culture

DIVE Studios is a podcast network that offers a wide range of content focused on Korean entertainment, culture, and lifestyle. Launched in 2019 by Korean-American singer and actor Eric Nam, the studio has quickly become a hub for fans of K-pop and Korean culture around the world. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what DIVE Studios has to offer and why it’s worth checking out.

Podcasts Offered by DIVE Studios

DIVE Studios produces a diverse range of podcasts, covering various aspects of Korean culture and entertainment. Here are some of the most popular shows offered by the network:

  • K-Pop Daebak with Eric Nam: Hosted by Eric Nam, this podcast is a must-listen for K-pop fans. The show features interviews with artists and industry insiders, as well as discussions on the latest trends and news in the world of K-pop.
  • The Tablo Podcast: Hosted by rapper and producer Tablo, this podcast offers insights into the Korean music industry and the creative process behind making music. The show also explores broader cultural and social issues, with guests from diverse fields and backgrounds.
  • HWAITING: This podcast is a collaboration between DIVE Studios and the Korean American Coalition (KAC), featuring conversations with Korean American guests about their experiences navigating cultural identity and representation in the US.

Collaborations and Partnerships

DIVE Studios has collaborated with a number of brands and organizations to produce engaging content and promote Korean culture. For instance, the studio has partnered with KCON, one of the largest K-pop conventions in the world, to create live podcasts and other content for the event. In addition, the network has worked with the Korea Tourism Organization to produce a series of videos highlighting various destinations in Korea.


Overall, the studio is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in Korean entertainment, culture, and lifestyle. The network’s podcasts offer unique insights and perspectives on K-pop, Korean music, and broader social issues, making them essential listening for fans of Korean culture. Through collaborations and partnerships, the studio is also playing an important role in promoting Korean culture and bringing it to a wider audience. So why not dive into DIVE Studios today and discover all that it has to offer?

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