Drawfee is a popular YouTube channel and Twitch stream that features a group of artists who create humorous and entertaining illustrations based on viewer suggestions. The channel was created in 2014 by Nathan Yaffe, Jacob Andrews, and Julia Lepetit, and has since gained a loyal following of fans who love their witty and creative content.


Drawfee’s content primarily revolves around their “Drawfee Show” series, where the artists take viewer suggestions for characters, animals, or scenes to draw and then provide their own unique spin on them. The artists often incorporate their own humor and personality into their illustrations, making each one distinct and entertaining.

Another popular series on the channel is “Morning Drawfee”, a daily livestream where the artists draw and chat with viewers in real-time. They also have a variety of other series and one-off videos, such as “How to Draw”, “Drawga”, and “Choose Your Own Drawing Adventure”, all of which showcase their creativity and humor.


Drawfee has built a strong and engaged community of fans who interact with the artists through social media and live streams. The artists frequently take viewer suggestions and feedback into consideration when creating their content, making it a collaborative experience between the artists and their fans.

In addition, Drawfee often features guest artists and creators on their channel, expanding their reach and connecting with other communities. Some notable guests have included TheOdd1sOut, JaidenAnimations, and Markiplier.


As Drawfee has grown in popularity, they have expanded their business ventures beyond YouTube and Twitch. They sell merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, and pins featuring their unique art style, and have also done sponsored content for companies such as Square Enix and Crunchyroll.

In 2022, Drawfee announced that they were partnering with the streaming platform DLive, which focuses on cryptocurrency-based transactions, to offer exclusive content and interact with fans in new ways.


Drawfee has built a strong reputation in the online art community for their unique blend of creativity, humor, and engagement with their fans. Their continued growth and expansion into new ventures show that they have a dedicated fan base and a bright future ahead.

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