Dutch Bros
Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros is a coffee chain that has become a cult favorite in the western United States. The company was founded in 1992 by Dane and Travis Boersma in Grants Pass, Oregon. Now it has since grown to over 671 locations in 14 states. The chain is known for its laid-back, friendly atmosphere and high-quality coffee and specialty drinks.

Menu and Products

Dutch Bros offers a variety of coffee and non-coffee drinks, including lattes, mochas, cold brews, and smoothies. They also have a range of flavored syrups and add-ins that allow customers to customize their drinks to their liking. Many Dutch Bros locations offer food items such as pastries, sandwiches, and breakfast burritos.

Company Culture

The brand has a strong focus on community and customer service. Their employees, known as “broistas,” are trained to be friendly and engaging with customers. The company also has a philanthropic arm, the Dutch Bros Foundation, which supports various causes such as youth and education, health and wellness, and sustainability.

Drive-Thru Experience

One of the defining features of Dutch Bros is their drive-thru experience. Unlike traditional drive-thrus, Dutch Bros’ drive-thrus are staffed by energetic and enthusiastic broistas who take orders and serve drinks while dancing and singing. This unique approach to customer service has helped it cultivate a loyal following and has contributed to the company’s success.


Plans the brand has experienced rapid growth in recent years and has plans to continue expanding. The company has stated that they aim to have over 800 locations by 2025, which would make them one of the largest coffee chains in the country. The brand has also expressed a desire to maintain their focus on community and customer service as they grow.


In conclusion, this chain is a coffee chain that has gained a devoted following for its high-quality drinks, friendly atmosphere, and unique drive-thru experience. With plans to continue expanding while maintaining its commitment to community and customer service, this chain is poised for continued success in the highly competitive coffee industry.

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