Ferxxo (Vol 1: M.O.R)
Ferxxo (Vol 1: M.O.R)

Feid’s latest album, FERXXO Vol 1: M.O.R, is a highly anticipated project that includes 16 distinct tracks, each with a unique sound and urban rhythms mixed with romantic lyrics. The album surpassed a million daily streams after its release on April 24, 2020.

Album Overview

Feid composed the entire album and enlisted the help of producers Sky Rompiendo, Wain, Jowan, and Blow, who worked between Los Angeles, Medellín, and Miami to add the finishing touches and take the project to the next level. Feid’s sister Manuela Villada and his father Jorge Villada created the album artwork. It represents how Feid feels when he listens to his own music – almost in the clouds.

Meaning Behind the Acronym

Feid chose “Messages on Repeat” as the acronym “M.O.R” to represent the album’s message that each track should be listened to repeatedly. Feid hopes that listeners will not only enjoy the album but also connect with him on a deeper level through his music. He wants people to use the album as a way to disconnect from the world and connect with their feelings.


The album includes collaborations with other talented artists, such as “Porfa” with Justin Quiles, “BORRAXXA” featuring Manuel Turizo, “Fresh Kerias” with Maluma, and “C U U U UX” along Alvaro Díaz. The wealth of talent on the album has led Feid to hope to recreate and surpass the success of his previous album, 19. That album earned him his first Latin Grammy nomination for Best Urban Album in 2019.

Feid’s Musical Journey

Feid wants people to have a great musical journey when listening to his album, from the first to the last song. He poured his heart and soul into creating a great project and wants listeners to feel encouraged to express their true feelings when listening to the songs. With more than 7.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify and 436 million combined views on his official YouTube channel, this Colombian artist continues to take his music global.


In conclusion, fans of urban music mixed with romantic lyrics must listen to Feid’s FERXXO Vol 1: M.O.R album. With its unique sound, collaborations with talented artists, and Feid’s heartfelt message, it’s no wonder the album has already gained millions of daily streams.

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