Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes is a critically acclaimed indie folk band that was formed in Seattle, Washington, in 2006. Their lush harmonies, intricate arrangements, and pastoral lyrics characterize the band’s music. Since their formation, the band has released several albums that have received widespread critical acclaim and commercial success.

Formation and Early Years

Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset, who were high school friends in Seattle, formed Fleet Foxes in 2006. Casey Wescott, Christian Wargo, and Josh Tillman later joined them. The title of a book of Middle English poetry called “The Fleet Foxes” inspired the band’s name.

Breakout Success

In 2008, the band achieved critical acclaim and commercial success with the release of their self-titled debut album. The album features the hit single “White Winter Hymnal,” which helped to popularize the band’s sound and style. The Grammy Award for Best Folk Album nominated the album.

In 2011, Fleet Foxes released their second album, “Helplessness Blues,” which continued their success and critical acclaim. The hit single “Grown Ocean” in the album also received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Folk Album.

Recent Years

After a hiatus, the band returned in 2017 with their third album, “Crack-Up.” Critics acclaimed the album, and it received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Alternative Music Album. The album features a more experimental and progressive sound than their previous work.

In 2020, the band released their fourth album, “Shore.” The album features collaborations with several notable musicians, including Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen and Kevin Morby.


Fleet Foxes is a highly regarded indie folk band that has consistently produced critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums. With their lush harmonies, intricate arrangements, and pastoral lyrics, the band has carved out a unique and distinctive sound that has made them one of the most beloved bands in the indie folk genre.

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