Rising Pop Star

Fletcher is a rising pop star from the United States, known for her emotive and catchy pop music that often touches on themes of love, relationships, and personal growth. She has quickly amassed a dedicated fanbase thanks to her distinct vocal style and relatable lyrics. Fletcher’s growing popularity is positioning her to become a major player in the pop music scene.

Early Life and Career

Fletcher, whose real name is Cari Fletcher, was born in Wall Township, New Jersey in 1994. From a young age, she started singing and performing, and Amy Winehouse and Fleetwood Mac were among the artists who influenced her. She auditioned for the singing competition show “The X Factor” in 2015 but got eliminated during the bootcamp round.

Breakthrough with “Undrunk”

Fletcher caught attention in 2015 with her debut single “War Paint,” which a popular skincare brand featured in one of their commercials. However, it was her 2019 single “Undrunk” that really put her on the map. The song addresses the aftermath of a breakup and the struggle to move on. It became a viral hit and has amassed millions of streams on streaming platforms.

Empowering Lyrics and Emotive Vocals

Fletcher’s emotive vocals and relatable lyrics, which often touch on themes of love, heartbreak, and personal growth, characterize her music. Her music is notable for its empowering messages and messages of self-love and acceptance. Her lyrics often speak to a younger audience, and her relatable and honest approach has helped her connect with fans around the world.

Collaborations and Future Releases

In addition to her solo work, Fletcher has collaborated with a number of notable artists, including Marshmello and Kito. She has also been featured on songs by other artists, such as the 2020 hit “Bitter” by FLETCHER & Trevor Daniel. Fletcher has teased her fans about working on a highly anticipated full-length album.


Fletcher is a rising pop star known for her emotive vocals and empowering lyrics. With her relatable approach to music and growing fanbase, she is becoming a major player in the pop music scene. Fans eagerly await her upcoming releases and the future looks bright for this talented young artist.

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