G Jones
G Jones

An Innovative Force in Bass Music

G Jones, also known as Greg Jones, is an electronic music producer and performer hailing from California. He first got into electronic music by recording himself playing guitar and drums, eventually transitioning into creating house and hip-hop beats. It wasn’t until he discovered dubstep in 2008 that he began to create the bass-heavy sound he’s now known for.

Early Career and Influences

Jones began his musical journey as Grizzly J, and his early work was heavily influenced by artists such as Aphex Twin, EPROM, Rustie, and Doshy. He honed his craft while attending Palo Alto High School and later graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Fine Arts.

National Touring and Collaborations

In 2014, he went on his first national tour, opening up for Minnesota. The two artists have since collaborated on multiple tracks together. Jones also worked extensively with Bassnectar, both collaborating on music and opening for his shows. He has been featured on Bassnectar’s albums, including Noise Vs Beauty, Into the Sun, Unlimited, and Reflective.

Live Performances and Festivals

G Jones is known for his visually stunning live performances, featuring intricate light shows and innovative stage design. He has performed at festivals and events across the country, including Burning Man, Electric Zoo, Mysteryland, Electric Forest, and Shambhala Music Festival. Jones uses Ableton Live for both production and performances, showcasing his versatility and skill in both areas.

Albums and EPs

In 2018, he released his debut album The Ineffable Truth, which showcases his experimental and boundary-pushing sound. The album was met with critical acclaim and solidified Jones’ position as an innovative force in the bass music scene. He followed up with the Tangential Zones EP in 2019, which features collaborations with artists such as Bleep Bloop and Tsuruda.

Continued Innovation and Growth

As of 2023, G Jones continues to push boundaries and innovate within the electronic music scene. His unique sound and captivating live performances have earned him a dedicated fanbase and respect from fellow artists. With a commitment to experimentation and growth, G Jones is sure to remain a driving force in the world of bass music for years to come.

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