G59 Records
G59 Records

This label is an American independent record label founded by rappers $uicideboy$ in 2014. The label has become known for its distinctive blend of trap music and horrorcore rap, often featuring dark and unsettling themes in its lyrics and visuals.

The Origins of G59 Records

Cousins Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth, who perform under the name $uicideboy$, founded the label. The duo formed the label in 2014 to release their own music independently. And it quickly gained a following for its unique sound and aesthetic.

The Sound of G59 Records

The label characterizes its music with heavy bass, trap beats, and horrorcore lyrics. The label’s artists often touch on themes such as depression, drug addiction, and death, creating a dark and moody atmosphere in their music.

G59 Records’ Roster of Artists

In addition to $uicideboy$, the label features a roster of talented artists, including Ramirez, Germ, Shakewell, and Night Lovell. Each artist brings their own unique style to the label, contributing to the diversity of its sound.

G59 Records’ Impact on the Music Industry

The label has become known for its unconventional approach to the music industry, eschewing traditional record labels in favor of independence and creative control. The label’s success has paved the way for other independent artists, inspiring a new generation of musicians to pursue their art on their own terms.

In Conclusion

The label is an independent record label that has made a significant impact on the music industry. With its distinctive sound and aesthetic, the label has gained a dedicated following and inspired a new generation of independent artists.

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