Gary Windass
Gary Windass

Gary Windass is a fictional character in the long-running British soap opera, Coronation Street. The character was first introduced in 2008 as a love interest for Izzy Armstrong and has since become a prominent figure on the show. The show portrays Gary as a complex and flawed character with a troubled past, who actively engages in some of its most dramatic storylines.

Early Life and Background

Gary Windass was born and raised in Weatherfield, the fictional town where Coronation Street is set. He grew up in a troubled household with an abusive father, Len Windass, and a mother who suffered from mental health issues. Gary was frequently in trouble with the law during his youth and struggled to find steady employment.

Military Career

Gary joined the army after being in prison and witnessed the horrors of war and suffered from PTSD upon his return from deployment to Afghanistan. His military background has played a significant role in his character development, as it has informed many of his actions and decisions on the show.

Relationships and Family

On the show, Gary Windass has dated Izzy Armstrong, Alya Nazir, and Sarah Platt. He has two children, Jake and Zack, from previous relationships. Gary has also had a tumultuous relationship with his mother, Anna Windass, who has been involved in some of the show’s most intense storylines.

Criminal Activities

Gary Windass, a character on Coronation Street, has engaged in several criminal activities during his time on the show, including loan sharking, burglary, and murder. His involvement in these storylines has been controversial, but it has also allowed the show to explore issues such as poverty, mental health, and the impact of war on soldiers.


To sum up, Gary Windass is a complex and multi-dimensional character on Coronation Street, whose troubled past and military background have informed many of his actions and decisions on the show. While his involvement in criminal activities has been controversial, it has also allowed the show to explore important social issues and raise awareness about the impact of trauma on individuals and families.

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