Give Them Lala Podcast
Give Them Lala Podcast

Give Them Lala is a popular podcast hosted by Lala Kent, known for her appearances on the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules. The podcast features candid conversations with celebrity guests. It also covers a range of topics, including pop culture, relationships, and mental health.

Celebrity Guests

One of the main draws of Give Them Lala is the impressive roster of celebrity guests who have appeared on the show. Guests have included actors, musicians, reality TV stars, and more. Some notable guests have included comedian and actor Pete Davidson, singer Miley Cyrus, and reality TV star Kristen Doute.

Candid Conversations

Lala is famous for her candid and unfiltered approach. The conversations on Give Them Lala are often personal and raw, as Lala and her guests discuss their experiences with mental health, relationships, and personal growth.

Pop Culture and Entertainment

Another key aspect of the podcast is its coverage of pop culture and entertainment news. Lala and her guests frequently discuss current events and share their opinions on everything from celebrity breakups to the latest movies and TV shows.

Relationships and Self-Care

Give Them Lala also focuses on relationships and self-care, with episodes dedicated to topics like dating, friendships, and self-improvement. Lala shares her own experiences and advice, and her guests offer their unique perspectives and insights.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Give Them Lala is a must-listen for fans of pop culture, entertainment, and personal growth. With its impressive roster of celebrity guests and candid conversations, the podcast offers a unique and engaging listening experience.

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