GP Explorer
GP Explorer


GP Explorer, also known as the Grand Prix Explorer, is a captivating Formula 4 car competition that brings together Internet personalities from around the world. Organized by the renowned French YouTuber Squeezie, this event offers an exhilarating blend of entertainment and motorsport. Since its inception in 2022, it has gained immense popularity, captivating audiences with its adrenaline-pumping races and the participation of beloved online personalities.

Bringing Online Personalities to the Racetrack:

The GP Explorer event stands out for its unique concept of merging the world of online content creation with professional motorsport. Internet personalities from various backgrounds and countries come together to compete in high-speed Formula 4 cars. This fusion creates an exciting spectacle that attracts millions of viewers, both online and offline.

A Platform for Internet Personalities:

GP Explorer provides a platform for Internet personalities to showcase their talents beyond their usual online content. By stepping into the racing world, these influencers prove their mettle and entertain their fans in a completely new way. It allows them to push their boundaries and engage with their audience on a different level, further enhancing their connection.

The Spectacular Races:

GP Explorer features thrilling races that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The competition takes place on renowned circuits, with each race testing the participants’ driving skills, strategic thinking, and determination. The intensity of the races is amplified by the presence of passionate fans and the live streaming of the event on popular platforms.

Record-Breaking Success:

Since its inception, it has witnessed significant growth and success. In 2023, the event has expanded its reach and attracted a larger global audience. The live broadcasts on platforms like Twitch and YouTube draw millions of viewers, making GP Explorer a trending topic among motorsport enthusiasts and online communities alike.

Continued Evolution:

GP Explorer is constantly evolving to provide a captivating experience for its participants and viewers. The event organizers regularly introduce new elements, such as challenging race formats, innovative technologies, and engaging content collaborations. These updates ensure that the event remains fresh, exciting, and relevant in the ever-changing landscape of online entertainment and motorsport.


GP Explorer has become a pioneering event that bridges the gap between online content creation and professional motorsport. With its thrilling races, renowned participants, and global viewership, it has established itself as a must-watch event for fans of both motorsport and online personalities. As it continues to evolve and capture the imagination of audiences worldwide, GP Explorer is set to leave a lasting impact on the intersection of digital entertainment and motorsport.

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