Grotto Beasts
Grotto Beasts

Early Beginnings

Grotto Beasts is a unique and mysterious trading card game that was supposedly created in July 1997 by Grotto Beasts Ltd. The game was said to have been short-lived, with only 40 known unique cards in existence. Each card features a Beast, with its name, picture, health and stats, the artist’s name, and an optional effect section. Some cards can even be obtained with a holographic effect.


The game’s rule book has been lost, leaving players to deduce the game’s rules from the available cards. However, it is known that Grotto Beasts is a game for at least two players, each with a deck of at least seven cards. Players can summon Beasts, which can have up to three Beasts summoned at once. The Beasts have performance values for health, attack, speed, defence, and magic, with attacks reducing health and abilities increasing or decreasing any of these values.

Beasts also have abilities that come to effect passively, through game events, player activation, or some other unknown means. These abilities range from guaranteed damage, increased or decreased stats, drawing cards, summoning Illusions, or applying special status conditions.

Popularity and Legacy

Grotto Beasts has gained attention recently, as Jerma purchased the trademark for $350,000 with plans to revamp the game. Despite announcing physical packs coming in 2021, this did not happen, leaving fans disappointed. However, as of 24/1/2023, the game has finished development, and the game is set to release in February 2023.

Final Thoughts

While much about Grotto Beasts remains a mystery, fans eagerly await its release, hoping to discover the full rules of the game and the secrets of the Beasts.

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