Ichiko Aoba
Ichiko Aoba

A Unique Voice in Japanese Folk Music

Ichiko Aoba is a Japanese singer-songwriter who has gained popularity for her unique style that blends traditional folk music with modern influences. Ichiko Aoba creates music characterized by her soft, delicate vocals and gentle guitar melodies that generate an ethereal and dreamy atmosphere.

Early Career and Discography

Aoba began her career in the early 2010s, self-releasing several albums and performing in small venues around Japan. She signed with the record label, Natural Resources, in 2013 and released her first major album, “0” (zero), which critics well-received and helped establish her as a rising star in the Japanese indie music scene.

In 2016, Aoba released her critically acclaimed album, “Mahoroboshiya,” which features a mix of original songs and covers of traditional folk songs. The album showcases Aoba’s unique musical style, as well as her ability to infuse new life into traditional Japanese music.

In 2019, Aoba released her album, “qp,” which explores themes of childhood nostalgia and features a more experimental sound than her previous work. The album was produced by Jim O’Rourke, an American musician and producer who has worked with artists such as Sonic Youth and Wilco.

Influences and Style

Aoba’s music is heavily influenced by Japanese folk music, particularly the minyo genre, which features traditional instruments such as the shamisen and koto. She also cites Western artists such as Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell as inspirations for her music.

Aoba’s gentle, airy vocals and intricate guitar melodies characterize her style. Her music often features minimalistic arrangements that allow her vocals and guitar to take center stage. Aoba’s lyrics often touch on themes such as nature, nostalgia, and the passing of time.


Ichiko Aoba is a unique voice in the Japanese music scene, blending traditional folk music with modern influences to create a dreamy and ethereal sound. Her delicate vocals and intricate guitar melodies have won her critical acclaim, and her music continues to captivate audiences around the world.

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