The Rising Star of Polish Music

Jann Rozmanowski, known by his stage name Jann, is a young Polish singer and songwriter who has been making waves in the music industry. Born in Lublin in 1999, he grew up in Garwolin, a small town in Poland. Jann’s parents, Edyta and Jacek Rozmanowski, are proud of their son’s musical talents, and he is one of eight siblings.

Early Years and Education

At the age of 12, Jann performed at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, which marked the beginning of his music career. He attended the Music School in Garwolin for three years before moving to Newry, United Kingdom, with his parents when he was 16. Jann continued his education at St Colman’s College and later studied vocals at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in London from 2018 to 2021.

Debut Single and Mini-Album

Jann released his debut single “Do You Wanna Come Over?” on November 5, 2020, which gained popularity among music fans in Poland. In 2022, he released his debut mini-album entitled Power, which showcases his unique style and versatility as an artist. He performed at the Off Festival and the Great September festival and gave concerts in Budapest and Bratislava.

Collaborations and Performances

Jann has collaborated with other artists, including performing as a supporting act during Ralph Kaminski’s tour. On February 26, 2023, he participated in the final of Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hit na Eurowizję!, the Polish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, with his song “Gladiator”. He finished second in the final with 19 points, receiving the maximum points from the Polish televoters.

Influence and Future Plans

Jann’s unique sound and style have caught the attention of music fans in Poland and beyond. He has been recognized as a rising star in the Polish music scene, with many predicting a bright future for him. Jann has said that he wants to continue making music that speaks to people and inspires them.


Jann’s music reflects his experiences and emotions, and he has quickly become a favorite among Polish music fans. With his debut mini-album and upcoming performances, Jann is set to continue making his mark on the music industry. He is a talented artist with a bright future ahead of him.

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