Jasper the Doll
Jasper the Doll

Jasper the Doll is a popular TikTok account featuring a chaotic Barbie doll with a Joker-style makeup and raspy voice. The origin of Jasper the Doll is unknown, and her creator remains anonymous. However, her TikTok account has gained a massive following since its inception in 2021.

The Rise of Jasper the Doll

Jasper the Doll’s account initially featured altered Barbie and Ken dolls representing the characters of Twilight, which garnered some engagement. However, it wasn’t until Jasper’s appearance that the account’s popularity skyrocketed. The video featuring Jasper received over 1.4 million plays and 403,000 likes, increasing engagement and bringing in a wider audience.

Jasper the Doll’s Popularity and Merchandise

Currently, it has over 503,000 followers and 6.4 million likes on her TikTok account. The character has become so popular that other famous TikTokers even duet and cosplay as Jasper. Additionally, she now has her own merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, and face masks.

The Creator Behind Jasper the Doll

Despite Jasper’s popularity, her creator remains a mystery, and the origin of the doll is unknown. However, her creator has revealed her face on her TikTok account @fartbeans7. Despite her anonymity, Jasper’s creator has built a massive following with her quirky and entertaining content.


In summary, it is a viral TikTok account featuring a chaotic Barbie doll with a unique personality and style. Her popularity has grown significantly since her appearance, and she now has her own merchandise. Despite her mysterious origin and anonymous creator, Jasper has captured the hearts of many TikTok users and continues to entertain with her content.

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