Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki

White House Press Secretary under President Joe Biden

Jen Psaki is an accomplished political advisor and communications strategist, who is currently serving as the White House Press Secretary under President Joe Biden. With a career spanning over two decades, Psaki has gained a reputation for her expertise in crafting messaging and managing communications for high-profile political figures.

Early Career

Psaki’s journey into politics began in 2001, when she started working as a press secretary for Congressman Joseph Crowley. She then went on to serve as the deputy press secretary for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, before joining Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign as the traveling press secretary.

Communications Expert

Psaki’s extensive experience in communications also includes serving as the spokesperson for the United States Department of State during President Obama’s first term, where she was responsible for communicating U.S. foreign policy to the press and the public. She also served as the White House Communications Director during Obama’s second term.

White House Press Secretary

In January 2021, the Biden administration appointed Psaki as the White House Press Secretary. In this role, she serves as the primary spokesperson for the White House, conducting daily press briefings and providing updates on the President’s policies and initiatives.

Psaki is famous for her ability to deliver clear and concise messaging, even on complex issues, and has been praised for her professionalism and poise during press briefings. People credit her with bringing transparency and accountability back to the White House press briefings.


In conclusion, Jen Psaki is a seasoned communications expert and political advisor who has worked with some of the most high-profile political figures in recent history. As the current White House Press Secretary, she continues to use her skills and experience to effectively communicate the policies and initiatives of the Biden administration to the American public.

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