JPEGMAFIA, born Barrington Hendricks, is an American rapper, singer, and producer known for his experimental sound and politically charged lyrics. He first gained attention with his 2016 debut album “Black Ben Carson.” It was followed by his breakthrough 2018 album “Veteran.”

Early Life and Education

JPEGMAFIA was born in New York City but spent much of his childhood in different parts of the world, including Alabama, Louisiana, and Germany, as his parents were in the military. He eventually settled in Baltimore, Maryland, where he attended college at the University of Baltimore, studying journalism and political science.

Musical Career

JPEGMAFIA began his musical career as a member of the hip-hop collective Ghostpop. He released his first solo project, “The Second Amendment,” in 2015, and quickly gained a reputation for his unique sound and politically charged lyrics. His breakthrough came with the release of “Veteran” in 2018, which received critical acclaim and earned him a spot on several year-end best album lists.

In 2019, JPEGMAFIA released “All My Heroes Are Cornballs,” another critically acclaimed album that showcased his versatility as an artist. He has collaborated with several notable artists, including Flume, Denzel Curry, and Injury Reserve.

Political Activism

JPEGMAFIA’s music often reflects his political beliefs, and he has been vocal about issues such as police brutality and systemic racism. He has been involved in various activist efforts, including participating in protests and using his platform to raise awareness about social justice issues.


JPEGMAFIA is a unique and politically engaged artist whose music challenges conventional hip-hop norms. With his experimental sound and thought-provoking lyrics, he has gained a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim. His continued activism and willingness to tackle important issues through his music make him a powerful voice in the contemporary music scene.

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