Kali Uchis
Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis is a Colombian-American singer, songwriter, and musician. She first gained popularity with her mixtape “Drunken Babble” in 2012, followed by her debut EP “Por Vida” in 2015. Her music style is a blend of R&B, soul, pop, and Latin music.

Born Karly-Marina Loaiza in Alexandria, Virginia in 1994, she grew up in Virginia and later moved to Colombia with her family. She taught herself to play the piano and guitar and started writing her own songs at a young age.


Kali Uchis began her music career by uploading her songs to the internet and performing at local shows. Her music caught the attention of producer Diplo, who invited her to work on a song with him. This led to collaborations with other notable artists such as Tyler, The Creator, Daniel Caesar, and Snoop Dogg.

In 2018, Kali Uchis released her debut studio album “Isolation” to critical acclaim. The album features hit songs like “After the Storm” and “Tyrant,” and earned her a Latin Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

In addition to her music, Kali Uchis is known for her unique fashion style and has been featured in several fashion magazines. She has also collaborated with brands like Nike and Calvin Klein on various projects.


Kali Uchis is also known for her activism and social justice work. She has been an advocate for immigrant rights and has used her platform to raise awareness about issues affecting marginalized communities.

In 2020, she released the song “Aquí Yo Mando” in collaboration with Puerto Rican rapper Rico Nasty, which addresses police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement.


Kali Uchis is a talented musician and artist with a unique blend of genres in her music. Her contributions to activism and social justice work have also made her a respected voice in the industry. With her continued success and creativity, she is sure to be a major force in the music industry for years to come.

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