Kentucky Ballistics
Kentucky Ballistics

Kentucky Ballistics is a well-known YouTube channel that focuses on firearms and ballistics testing. With over 3.4 million subscribers as of 2023, the channel has gained a large following for its informative and entertaining content.


Matt, a gun enthusiast and ballistics expert, runs Kentucky Ballistics. He and his team test a variety of firearms, from handguns to rifles, and document their findings on the channel. They often use unconventional materials such as cinder blocks, watermelons, and ballistic gel to showcase the destructive power of the weapons.


The channel’s content is diverse, featuring videos of different types of firearms being tested, as well as informative videos on firearm safety and maintenance. Many of the videos involve Matt and his team conducting experiments to determine the effectiveness of different types of ammunition or the damage caused by a certain caliber bullet. The channel also features collaborations with other gun enthusiasts and firearms channels.


Despite the controversial nature of firearms, Kentucky Ballistics has received mostly positive reception from viewers. Many praise the channel for its educational value and entertaining content, while others appreciate the attention to firearm safety demonstrated by the channel’s team. However, there has also been criticism from some who believe that the channel glorifies guns and gun violence.


Kentucky Ballistics is a popular YouTube channel that has gained a large following for its informative and entertaining content focused on firearms and ballistics testing. The channel’s diverse range of videos, attention to firearm safety, and collaborations with other channels have helped it gain popularity among gun enthusiasts and viewers interested in the science behind firearms.

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