Las Culturistas
Las Culturistas

Las Culturistas is a popular podcast hosted by comedians Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang. The hosts dedicate the podcast to discussing pop culture and deliver a fresh and irreverent perspective on the latest entertainment news and trends.

Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

Matt Rogers is a comedian and writer who has appeared on various TV shows, including The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central’s The Other Two. Bowen Yang is also a comedian and writer who has gained popularity for his work on Saturday Night Live since 2019. Together, Rogers and Yang offer a unique perspective on pop culture and share their thoughts on everything from the latest celebrity news to their favorite TV shows and movies.

Guest Interviews and Segments

Las Culturistas features guest interviews with a wide range of celebrities, comedians, and fellow podcasters. The hosts have interviewed famous personalities such as Billy Porter, Trixie Mattel, and SNL alum Chris Redd. In addition to the interviews, the podcast also features recurring segments, including “I Don’t Think So Honey,” where guests are given one minute to rant about something they don’t like, and “Culture Catchup,” where the hosts discuss their latest pop culture obsessions.

A Loyal Following

Las Culturistas has gained a large and dedicated fanbase since its debut in 2016. The podcast’s irreverent humor and witty banter have won over fans, and the hosts’ social media presence has also helped to grow their following. Critics and listeners have praised the podcast for its inclusive and diverse content. And the hosts often discuss issues related to the LGBTQ+ community.


Las Culturistas is a witty and irreverent podcast that offers a unique take on pop culture. Hosted by Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, the podcast features guest interviews, recurring segments, and engaging banter that has won over a loyal following. With their humor, insight, and inclusivity, Rogers and Yang have established themselves as two of the most exciting voices in the world of comedy and pop culture.

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