Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on technology reviews, tutorials, and discussions. Founded by Linus Sebastian in 2008, the channel has grown to become one of the most influential voices in the tech community, with over 15 million subscribers and billions of views.

Content and Style

The channel offers a wide range of content. They cover product reviews, in-depth tutorials, and discussions about the latest trends and news in the tech industry. The channel is known for its engaging and entertaining style, with Linus and his team providing in-depth analysis and commentary on each topic they cover.

Product Reviews

One of the key features of the channel is their product reviews. The team provides comprehensive analysis of a variety of tech products, including computers, smartphones, and gaming accessories. They break down each product’s features, specifications, and performance, providing an honest and unbiased assessment for viewers.


Linus Tech Tips also offers a range of tutorials for viewers who want to learn more about tech. The team provides step-by-step guides on how to build a computer, troubleshoot common issues, and optimize performance for gaming and other tasks.


In addition to product reviews and tutorials, the channel also provides discussions about the latest trends and news in the tech industry. They cover topics like the latest hardware releases, software updates, and emerging technologies. These discussions provide valuable insights for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Linus Tech Tips is a must-watch channel for anyone interested in technology. With its engaging and entertaining style, comprehensive product reviews, helpful tutorials, and insightful discussions, the channel provides a wealth of knowledge and entertainment for viewers. Whether you are a casual tech enthusiast or a professional, there is something for everyone on Linus Tech Tips.

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