Loathe is a British metal band that formed in Liverpool in 2014. The band has been praised for their unique blend of metalcore, industrial, and progressive metal elements that result in a powerful and intense sound. In this article, we will explore more about Loathe and what makes them stand out in the metal scene.

Formation and Early Years

Loathe was formed in 2014 by guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe and drummer Sean Radcliffe. They were later joined by vocalist Kadeem France, guitarist Connor Sweeney, and bassist Feisal El-Khazragi. The band released their debut EP, “Prepare Consume Proceed,” in 2016. The EP was well received by critics and helped establish their presence in the UK metal scene.

Sound and Style

Loathe’s sound is characterized by heavy, distorted guitar riffs, pounding drums, and aggressive vocals. The band also incorporates elements of industrial and progressive metal, giving their music a unique and distinct sound. Their lyrics often touch on topics such as mental health, existentialism, and societal issues, adding a thought-provoking element to their music.

Albums and Achievements

Loathe has released three full-length albums to date. Their debut album, “The Cold Sun,” was released in 2017 and received critical acclaim for its inventive approach to metalcore. In 2020, they released “I Let It In and It Took Everything,” which was even more successful and landed on numerous year-end best-of lists.

The band has also received praise for their live performances, which are known for their high energy and intensity. They have toured extensively in the UK and Europe, and have also supported major acts such as While She Sleeps and Architects.


To sum up, Loathe is a band that has carved out a unique niche in the metal scene with their inventive approach to blending different genres. Their music is intense and thought-provoking, and their live performances are not to be missed. With their continued success and critical acclaim, Loathe is a band to keep an eye on in the coming years.

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