The Indie Band Taking the Music World by Storm

Lovejoy is an indie rock band from Brighton, England. Formed in recent years, the band comprises of William Gold (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist), Joe Goldsmith (lead guitarist), Mark Boardman (drummer), and Ash Kabosu (bassist). They all share in the songwriting, contributing to the band’s signature sound.

Debut EP and Rise to Fame

Lovejoy’s debut EP, “Are You Alright?”, was released in May 2021. It featured four tracks that showcased the band’s unique style of combining classic rock sounds with modern indie rock. The EP quickly gained attention from music critics and fans alike, earning the band a dedicated following.

Pebble Brain EP and Critical Acclaim

In October 2021, Lovejoy released their second EP, “Pebble Brain.” The EP features five tracks that further showcase the band’s musicianship and songwriting abilities. The EP received critical acclaim and helped to solidify Lovejoy’s position as one of the most exciting up-and-coming indie bands in the UK.

Upcoming EP

Fans of Lovejoy can look forward to the band’s third EP, “WU&IO,” which is set to be released in early 2023. While the details of the EP are yet to be revealed, fans can expect more of the band’s signature sound, blending classic rock influences with a modern twist.


Lovejoy is a band that is quickly making waves in the indie rock scene. With their unique blend of classic and modern rock sounds and their impressive songwriting skills, the band has earned a dedicated following and critical acclaim. As they continue to release new music and perform live shows. It’s clear that Lovejoy is a band to watch in the coming years.

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