Mile Higher Podcast
Mile Higher Podcast

Mile Higher Podcast is a popular podcast that covers a range of topics, including true crime, conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries, and the paranormal. The podcast is hosted by a husband and wife team, Josh Thomas and Kendall Rae. It has gained a large following since its debut in 2017.

True Crime and Unsolved Mysteries

One of the main focuses of Mile Higher Podcast is true crime and unsolved mysteries. Josh and Kendall cover a range of cases, from well-known ones like the JonBenét Ramsey case to lesser-known cases that have gone unsolved for years. They provide in-depth analysis and discussion of the evidence and theories surrounding each case, and they also share their own opinions and theories.

Conspiracy Theories

Another area of focus for Mile Higher Podcast is conspiracy theories. Josh and Kendall explore a wide range of conspiracy theories, from ones that are widely believed, like the JFK assassination conspiracy, to more obscure theories, like the Mandela Effect. They discuss the evidence for and against each theory and provide their own analysis and commentary.

The Paranormal

In addition to true crime and conspiracy theories, Mile Higher Podcast also covers the paranormal. Josh and Kendall discuss a variety of topics, including ghosts, UFOs, and psychic abilities. They explore the evidence for and against each topic and provide their own thoughts and opinions.

A Unique Perspective

What sets Mile Higher Podcast apart from other true crime and conspiracy theory podcasts is the unique perspective that Josh and Kendall bring to each episode. As a husband and wife team, they provide different viewpoints and insights into each topic. They also have a fun and engaging dynamic that makes each episode enjoyable to listen to.

Final Thoughts

Mile Higher Podcast is a well-produced and engaging podcast that covers a wide range of topics. Whether you’re interested in true crime, conspiracy theories, or the paranormal, Josh and Kendall provide thoughtful analysis and commentary that is sure to keep you engaged. With their unique perspective and fun dynamic, Mile Higher Podcast is definitely worth a listen.

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