Mordlust is a true crime podcast that explores some of the most intriguing murder cases from Germany and other European countries. The podcast first aired in 2018 and has since gained a large following due to its thorough research and compelling storytelling.

Podcast Overview

Laura Wohlers and Paulina Krasa, two German journalists and true crime enthusiasts, host Mordlust. The podcast covers a wide range of true crime cases in German, including unsolved murders and high-profile investigations.

Each episode provides a detailed and in-depth analysis of the case, with the hosts delving into the background of the victim and the circumstances surrounding their death. They also interview experts, witnesses, and sometimes even family members of the victims to gain further insight into the case.

Inclusive and Sensitive

One of the standout features of Mordlust is its inclusivity and sensitivity towards the victims and their families. The hosts make a point of avoiding sensationalism and instead focus on telling the victim’s story in a respectful and compassionate way.

Mordlust has been praised for its ability to provide a fresh perspective on well-known cases and for shedding light on lesser-known cases that may have gone under the radar. The hosts also take care to provide trigger warnings at the start of each episode, recognizing the potentially sensitive nature of the content.

Growing Popularity

As true crime continues to grow in popularity worldwide, Mordlust has become a go-to source for fans of the genre. In addition, various media outlets have featured the podcast and written articles and reviews about it.


In conclusion, Mordlust is an excellent true crime podcast that offers a unique perspective on some of the most intriguing murder cases from Germany and Europe. The hosts’ careful attention to detail, inclusivity, and sensitivity make it a must-listen for true crime fans looking for an in-depth analysis of criminal investigations.

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