Mrtop5 is a Canadian YouTuber whose real name is Ryan, known for his engaging and entertaining videos that revolve around video games, challenges, and pranks. He has a massive following on YouTube, with over 12 million subscribers, making him one of the most popular YouTubers in the gaming community.

Creative and Engaging Content

Mrtop5 is popular for his creative and engaging content that appeals to a wide audience. He is best known for playing video games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox, and he often collaborates with other popular YouTubers. His videos are fun and lighthearted, and his unique approach to gaming makes his content exciting and entertaining to watch. He often comes up with new challenges and pranks for his viewers to participate in, keeping his content fresh and exciting.

Educational and Charitable Contributions

Mrtop5’s content is not only entertaining but also educational. He shares valuable tips and tricks for his favorite games, providing insight into the gaming world. He also participates in charity events, encouraging his viewers to do the same. In 2023, he has been actively involved in the #PlayForACause campaign, a charity event aimed at raising funds for children’s hospitals.

Engaging Personality and Connection with Viewers

One of the reasons for Mrtop5’s success is his engaging personality and his ability to connect with his viewers. He regularly interacts with his fans on social media, creating a sense of community around his channel. He also takes feedback from his viewers, incorporating their suggestions into his content, which makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Future Plans

As Mrtop5’s popularity continues to grow, he has announced plans to expand his content beyond video games. He intends to explore new areas of content creation, including music and vlogging, while still maintaining his focus on gaming.


In conclusion, Mrtop5 is a popular Canadian YouTuber known for his engaging and entertaining content. His unique approach to gaming, educational contributions, charitable involvement, engaging personality, and connection with his viewers have helped him build a massive following. Fans of video games, challenges, and pranks should check out Mrtop5’s channel for exciting and creative content.

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