Philza, whose real name is Phil Watson, is a well-known content creator on the video-sharing platform, Twitch. He is best known for his livestreams of the popular video game, Minecraft. Philza has gained a massive following on Twitch, with over 2 million followers as of 2023.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Philza was born on March 1, 1988, in England. He has been interested in gaming since he was young. Philza started playing Minecraft when it was still in its beta version. He began streaming his gameplay on Twitch in 2012, and has been steadily growing his audience since then.

Rise to Fame

Philza gained popularity in the Minecraft community due to his hardcore survival series, where he played the game in its most challenging mode, where death is permanent. He gained a reputation for his skills and strategies, and fans tuned in to see how long he could survive. In 2019, he made headlines when he beat the game’s final boss, the Ender Dragon, after playing for 5 years and surviving for over 5,000 in-game days.

Philza’s Twitch channel has become a hub for Minecraft fans, with viewers tuning in to watch his gameplay, as well as his interactions with his audience. He is known for his laid-back and friendly personality, often engaging with fans and answering their questions during his streams.

Beyond Minecraft

In addition to Minecraft, Philza has also played other popular video games on his channel, including Among Us, Valorant, and Grand Theft Auto V. He has also collaborated with other popular Twitch streamers, such as Dream and TommyInnit.

Philza has also ventured into content creation outside of Twitch. He has a YouTube channel where he posts highlights of his streams. He also uploads vlogs and other content related to his life and interests.

Personal Life

Philza is known for being private about his personal life, but has shared some details with his fans. He is married and has children. He also has mentioned that he enjoys cooking and spending time with his family outside of streaming.


Philza has become a beloved figure in the gaming community, known for his entertaining gameplay, engaging personality, and dedication to his craft. With a massive following on Twitch and a growing presence on other platforms, he is sure to continue making an impact on the world of online content creation in the years to come.

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