porter robinson
Porter Robinson


A Rising Star in Electronic Music

Porter Robinson is a young and talented American electronic music producer and DJ. He was born on July 15, 1992, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and has quickly risen to fame with his unique style of music that blends elements of electronic dance music, synthpop, and indie.

Early Career

Robinson began his music career at a young age and released his first single, “Say My Name,” in 2010 when he was just 18 years old. The single gained attention and helped Robinson establish himself in the electronic music scene.

Album Releases

Robinson’s debut album, “Worlds,” was released in 2014 and was met with critical acclaim. The album showcased Robinson’s innovative and experimental approach to electronic music and included hit singles like “Sad Machine” and “Lionhearted.”

In 2021, Robinson released his second album, “Nurture,” which features a more personal and introspective style of music. The album includes hit singles like “Look at the Sky” and “Something Comforting.”

Collaborations and Awards

Robinson has collaborated with various artists in the music industry, including Madeon, Mat Zo, and Hugo Leclercq. In 2019, he formed a supergroup called Virtual Self and released a self-titled EP.

Over the years, several awards and nominations have recognized Robinson for his music. He won the award for “Best Dance/Electronic Album” at the Grammy Awards in 2021 for his album “Nurture” and was also nominated for the award in 2015 for his album “Worlds.”


Porter Robinson is a rising star in the electronic music scene and has quickly established himself as one of the most innovative and experimental artists in the industry. With his unique style of music and critically acclaimed albums, Robinson continues to captivate audiences around the world. His collaborations with other artists and numerous awards and nominations have solidified his place as a major player in the music industry.

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