Pretty Basic
Pretty Basic

Who is Pretty Basic?

Pretty Basic is a popular podcast hosted by two well-known YouTubers, Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. The podcast covers a variety of topics, including relationships, mental health, self-improvement, and their personal lives. With a fun and relatable approach, the hosts aim to create a safe and supportive community for their listeners.

Early Career

Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz started their careers as YouTubers. Alisha Marie is famous for her lifestyle and fashion videos. And Remi Cruz gained popularity with her beauty and wellness content. Both have millions of subscribers on their respective YouTube channels.

In 2018, Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz decided to launch a podcast together, which they named Pretty Basic. The podcast became an instant hit, with fans praising the hosts for their candid discussions and humorous banter.

Podcast Format

Each episode of Pretty Basic is typically around an hour long and features Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz discussing a particular topic or sharing personal stories from their lives. The hosts often invite guests on the show, including other YouTubers and social media influencers.

The podcast has a loyal fanbase, with listeners tuning in every week to hear Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz’s insights and advice. The hosts also interact with their fans on social media, often answering questions and sharing behind-the-scenes content.


Pretty Basic is a podcast that has resonated with many listeners, thanks to the relatable and engaging approach of its hosts, Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. With millions of subscribers on YouTube and a successful podcast, these two creators have built a loyal fanbase and continue to inspire and entertain their followers with their content.

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