The Rising American Gaming YouTuber

Punz, also known as PunzOP, is an American gaming YouTuber who has taken the online gaming community by storm. He was born on January 31, 1997, in Massachusetts, and is currently 26 years old. Punz primarily creates gameplay content for Valorant and Minecraft, two of the most popular games on the market.

Early Beginnings and Rise to Fame

Punz started his YouTube channel in 2016, but he only began uploading videos regularly in 2020. He gained notoriety in September 2020 after posting a video titled “We tried speedrunning Among Us… (ft. Dream),” which went viral and garnered thousands of subscribers in a short amount of time. Since then, he has been producing significantly more content on Twitch than on YouTube.

Punz and the Dream SMP

One of the things that sets him apart from other gaming YouTubers is his friendship with Dream, another popular gaming YouTuber. Punz is also a member of the Dream SMP, a Minecraft server created by Dream where various content creators participate in roleplay scenarios. While he doesn’t regularly stream Dream SMP content, he occasionally participates in the server’s events.

Noxcrew’s and Dangthatsalongname’s MC Championship

In 2020, Punz participated in Noxcrew’s and Dangthatsalongname’s MC Championship event, a tournament that brought together YouTubers and streamers to play a variety of fancy minigames. The tournament features 10 teams and 40 players and includes custom minigames. The prize for the winner is a special MCC coin created by Noxcrew.


Punz has quickly become one of the most popular gaming YouTubers in the online gaming community. He is known for his unique style of gameplay and his friendship with Dream. His participation in various Minecraft events has also helped him to gain a dedicated following. As he continues to produce high-quality content, it’s likely that Punz will only continue to rise in popularity.

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