Russian Circles
Russian Circles

Russian Circles is a Chicago-based instrumental post-rock band that has been captivating audiences with their powerful and evocative music since their formation in 2004. The band consists of guitarist Mike Sullivan, bassist Brian Cook, and drummer Dave Turncrantz.

Musical Style and Influences

Russian Circles’ music is famous for its dynamic range, which incorporates elements of post-rock, post-metal, and experimental music. Their music often starts with quiet, atmospheric passages before building into intense, heavy crescendos that showcase the band’s impressive musicianship. The band cites a wide range of influences, including Mogwai, Pelican, and Black Sabbath.


The band has released several critically acclaimed albums over the years, including “Enter” (2006), “Station” (2008), “Empros” (2011), “Memorial” (2013), “Guidance” (2016), and “Blood Year” (2019). Critics have praised the band for transporting listeners to other worlds through emotionally charged compositions in their music.

Live Performances

Russian Circles is famous for their mesmerizing live performances, which feature the band’s intense energy and musical virtuosity. They have toured extensively in North America and Europe, sharing stages with bands like Tool, Deafheaven, and Mastodon. Their shows often incorporate stunning visual projections that add an extra layer of depth to their music.


Russian Circles is a band that has managed to carve out a unique place for themselves in the world of instrumental rock music. Their ability to create complex and emotionally resonant music has won them fans all over the world, and their live performances are not to be missed. If you’re a fan of post-rock or experimental music, then the band is definitely a band worth checking out.

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