Sinjin Drowning
Sinjin Drowning

A Hilarious Brother and Sister-Run Comedy Channel

Sinjin Drowning is a popular comedy YouTube channel run by a brother and sister duo. With over 490,000 subscribers, the channel has gained a significant following on the platform. The channel features a variety of videos, ranging from comedy skits to challenges and vlogs.

The duo behind the channel have a unique sense of humor that is both quirky and relatable. Their videos often revolve around everyday situations and experiences that viewers can easily identify with. The channel’s content is suitable for all ages, and the brother and sister duo strive to keep their videos clean and family-friendly.

Video Highlights

One of the most popular videos on the channel is “We Found Love on MovieStarPlanet,” which has over 3 million views. In this video, the siblings recreate the popular game “MovieStarPlanet” in real life, with hilarious results.

Another popular video is “buying her literally nothing at target,” which has over 2 million views. In this video, the sister challenges her brother to buy her a gift from Target for under $1.

The debut video on the channel, “#1 – Lying To Millions Of Teen Followers,” is also worth watching. In this video, the duo pokes fun at the trend of clickbait titles and fake news on social media.


In addition to their YouTube channel, the duo has also started a comedy podcast of the same name. The podcast features the brother and sister discussing various topics and sharing personal stories in a lighthearted and entertaining way.


Sinjin Drowning is a hilarious and family-friendly comedy YouTube channel run by a talented brother and sister duo. With a growing subscriber base, the channel continues to bring laughter and entertainment to viewers of all ages. Whether you’re in the mood for a funny skit or a relatable vlog, Sinjin Drowning has something for everyone.

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