Slaughter to Prevail
Slaughter to Prevail

Slaughter to Prevail is a Russian deathcore band formed in 2014. The band consists of vocalist Alex Terrible, guitarists Jack Simmons and Cyrus, bassist Mikhail Bondarenko, and drummer Anton Poddyachy. The  gained a following with their heavy sound, combining elements of death metal, black metal, and slam.

Early Years and Formation

Slaughter to Prevail was formed in 2014 by vocalist Alex Terrible and guitarist Jack Simmons. The band’s early music featured a mix of death metal and metalcore. In 2015, the band released their debut single “Hell” and followed it up with the EP “Chapters of Misery” later that year.

Rise to Prominence

The band gained significant attention in 2016 with the release of their single “As The Vultures Circle”. The song’s accompanying music video, featuring Alex Terrible’s trademark guttural vocals and a sinister atmosphere. It went viral and gained millions of views on YouTube. This propelled the band into the spotlight, leading to tours and festival appearances in Europe and the United States.


Slaughter to Prevail has released two full-length albums, “Misery Sermon” (2017) and “Kostolom” (2021), as well as several EPs and singles. The band’s music is famous for its heavy sound and brutal lyrics, often dealing with themes of violence, suffering, and despair.


Slaughter to Prevail has become a famous name in the deathcore genre. Their heavy sound and intense live performances have gained them a dedicated following. With their most recent album “Kostolom” showcasing the band’s evolution and growth, it shows no signs of slowing down in the world of heavy music.

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