Some More News podcast
Some More News podcast

Some More News is a political and cultural podcast hosted by Cody Johnston, a writer, director, and comedian. The podcast has gained a large following due to its insightful and entertaining takes on current events and political issues.

Insightful Political Analysis

Some More News provides a unique and insightful perspective on politics and current events. Cody Johnston uses his expertise in politics and humor to break down complex issues and provide his listeners with an easy-to-understand analysis. He extensively researches each topic, ensuring that his listeners are informed and aware of all the nuances.

Entertaining Content

Despite its serious subject matter, Some More News is a highly entertaining podcast. Cody Johnston is a skilled comedian and writer, and he infuses each episode with humor and wit. His jokes and commentary help to lighten the mood and make the show accessible to a wider audience.

Wide Range of Topics

Some More News covers a wide range of topics, from politics and current events to pop culture and social issues. Cody Johnston is not afraid to tackle controversial issues, and he does so in a thoughtful and respectful manner. The podcast is an excellent resource for those looking to stay informed and up-to-date on important issues affecting society.

Engaging Format

The podcast’s structure keeps listeners engaged and interested. The podcast breaks down each episode into different segments, and each segment addresses a distinct aspect of the main topic. Cody Johnston’s storytelling abilities keep listeners engaged, and the inclusion of soundbites and interviews helps to break up the narrative and add depth to each discussion.


Some More News is an excellent podcast for those looking to stay informed on current events and political issues. With its unique blend of insightful analysis, humor, and engaging format, the show is a must-listen for anyone interested in politics, culture, and society.

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