Your Ultimate Destination for UTV Market News and Entertainment

If you’re a fan of the rapidly expanding side-by-side/UTV market, then SXSBlog is the perfect platform for you. Founded in 2015, SXSBlog is a comprehensive source of industry rumors, breaking news, rides, adventures, and shop work with a comedic twist and candid style that relates to the average Joe.

Expertise and Passion Combined

Nick, Doug, and “the other Nick” – a chemical technologist, mechanical engineer, and local business owner – created SXSBlog due to their shared passion for the side-by-side/UTV hobby. Moreover, the diverse collection of backgrounds, experiences, and personalities brings a perfect mixture of genuine know-how, exciting action, and hilarious antics to their rapidly growing fan base.

Comprehensive Coverage

From in-depth SXS repairs/information and automotive performance upgrades to general shenanigans, SXSBlog has got you covered. They build, race, and test anything with wheels! In the short time since its inception, it has developed from a website with short editorials to a full complement of social media outlets.

Installation Videos, Product Reviews, and Promotional Giveaways

SXSBlog also features partnerships with various companies in the industry in the form of installation videos, product reviews, and promotional giveaways. This is an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their products to a highly engaged and passionate audience.

Committed to Expanding Reach in the Industry

SXSBlog fuels its commitment to expanding its reach in the industry by their love for the sport and the engagement they receive from fellow enthusiasts. They have plans for bigger projects and greater adventures than ever before.


In summary, SXSBlog is the ultimate destination for anyone interested in the side-by-side/UTV market. With expert knowledge, exciting content, and a commitment to the industry, they are a must-follow for anyone who loves to build, race, and test anything with wheels.

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