Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau is a YouTuber and influencer known for her provocative and often controversial content. She has been involved in several public controversies and scandals over the years. However, she has maintained a large and dedicated following on social media.

Early Life and Career

Tana Mongeau was born on June 24, 1998, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She dropped out of high school and started making videos on YouTube in 2015. Mongeau gained popularity through her vlogs, storytime videos, and her association with other popular YouTubers, including Shane Dawson and David Dobrik. She received a Streamy Award nomination for “Breakout Creator” in 2017.

Content and Style

Over the years, Tana Mongeau has been involved in several public controversies and scandals. In 2018, she hosted a convention called TanaCon, which was intended to be an alternative to the popular VidCon event. However, TanaCon quickly turned into a disaster, with fans waiting in long lines and being denied entry into the event. In 2019, Mongeau faced accusations of racism and cultural appropriation after wearing box braids in one of her videos.

In addition to these controversies, Tana Mongeau has engaged in several public feuds with other YouTubers, including Gabbie Hanna and Simply Nailogical. Despite these controversies, Mongeau has maintained a dedicated following on social media, and her fans remain loyal and supportive of her content.

Impact on the YouTube Community

Tana Mongeau’s influence and popularity in the world of online content creation cannot be denied. She has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, over 2 million followers on Twitter, and over 2 million followers on Instagram. Mongeau’s fans appreciate her candid and unfiltered approach to content creation, and her willingness to take risks and push boundaries.


Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Tana Mongeau is a major player in the world of online content creation. Her controversial content has sparked conversations and debates, and her loyal following continues to grow. Tana Mongeau’s future in the world of social media and online entertainment is uncertain, but she is sure to continue making waves in the industry.

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