The Amity Affliction
The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction is an Australian metalcore band that has gained a massive following since their formation in 2003. Their unique sound combines elements of metalcore, post-hardcore, and alternative rock, creating a distinct style that sets them apart from other bands in the genre.

Background and Early Years

The Amity Affliction was formed in Gympie, Queensland, Australia, in 2003. The original lineup consisted of vocalist Joel Birch, bassist Garth Buchanan, drummer Lachlan Faulkner, and guitarists Troy Brady and Chris Burt. Fans and critics alike received the band’s debut album, “Severed Ties,” well when they released it in 2008. The album showcased the band’s signature blend of heavy metal riffs and emotive lyrics, setting the tone for their future releases.

Rise to Prominence

The Amity Affliction’s popularity continued to grow with the release of their second album, “Youngbloods,” in 2010. The album debuted at number six on the Australian charts and was praised for its raw energy and emotional depth. The band followed up with “Chasing Ghosts” in 2012. It debuted at number one in Australia and solidified their position as one of the most popular metalcore bands in the world.

Recent Years and Future Plans

The Amity Affliction has continued to release critically acclaimed albums in recent years, including “Let the Ocean Take Me” in 2014 and “Misery” in 2018. The band has also gained a reputation for their high-energy live shows. They have earned them a dedicated fan base around the world.

Looking to the future, The Amity Affliction shows no signs of slowing down. The band has teased new music on their social media accounts. It has hinted at a new album release in the near future. With their unique blend of heavy music and emotional lyrics, the band is sure to continue to captivate audiences for years to come.


The Amity Affliction is a band that has left an indelible mark on the metalcore genre. With their emotionally charged lyrics, powerful riffs, and raw energy, they have captured the hearts of fans around the world. As they continue to evolve and grow, it is a band that will undoubtedly remain relevant for years to come.

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