The Basement Yard Podcast
The Basement Yard Podcast

The Basement Yard is a popular comedy podcast hosted by Joe Santagato. Launched in 2015, the podcast has gained a large following due to its humorous and relatable content.


Each episode of The Basement Yard features Joe Santagato and his friends discussing a variety of topics ranging from current events to personal experiences. The podcast has a laid-back atmosphere, and the hosts often engage in humorous banter and off-the-cuff jokes.

Topics Covered

The topics covered in The Basement Yard are vast and varied, with the hosts often sharing personal stories and experiences. Some of the popular topics covered include relationships, social media, pop culture, and sports.


While podcast is primarily hosted by Joe Santagato, he occasionally invites guests to join him on the podcast. These guests have included fellow comedians, actors, and social media personalities.


The Basement Yard has become a popular podcast over the years, and has amassed a significant following on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. It has been praised for its relatable content and humorous approach to everyday topics.

In addition to its podcast format, The Basement Yard has also expanded to other forms of media, including a YouTube channel where Joe and his friends upload comedic sketches and vlogs.

Recent Developments

In 2023, The Basement Yard celebrated its 9th anniversary, and Joe Santagato has hinted at plans for expanding the brand further. The podcast has continued to release new episodes regularly, and the show’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down.


Overall, The Basement Yard is a must-listen podcast for anyone looking for a good laugh and relatable content. With its laid-back atmosphere, humorous banter, and wide range of topics, it’s easy to see why the show has become a fan favorite.

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